Celebrating 40 Years of Volunteering Magic: Happy Volunteers' Week!

Rushcliffe Community & Voluntary Service

Published: June, 2024

40 Years of Volunteers Week

We are thrilled to announce the start of the 40th annual Volunteers’ Week, a special event dedicated to celebrating the incredible contributions of volunteers in our community. This year’s theme, “Celebrating 40 Years of Volunteering,” highlights the transformative power of volunteering and its profound impact over the decades.


Event Details:
• Location: West Bridgford Library, Pod
• Time: 9am to 6pm, every day this week | Monday 3 June to Friday 7 June


Volunteers’ Week is an exciting opportunity for us to come together and recognise the selfless efforts of individuals who dedicate their time and energy to making a difference. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or someone considering giving back for the first time, this week is packed with opportunities to learn, connect, and get involved.


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering offers numerous benefits, not just for the community but also for the volunteers themselves. It provides a sense of purpose, fosters new relationships, and can even enhance your career prospects. By volunteering, you can:

  • Make a tangible impact: Your efforts can directly benefit those in need and contribute to meaningful change.
  • Gain new skills: Volunteering can help you develop new skills and experiences that are valuable in both personal and professional settings.
  • Connect with your community: It’s a great way to meet new people, build friendships, and strengthen your ties to the local area.


Meet Our Volunteer Centre Coordinator

If you’re curious about volunteering but don’t know where to start, meet our Volunteer Centre Coordinator at West Bridgford Library, Pod. Available from 9am to 6pm every day this week Monday 3 June to Friday 7 June, our Coordinator is here to answer all your questions, provide guidance, and help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity that matches your interests and skills.


How to Get Involved

There are many ways to participate in Volunteers’ Week and make the most of this celebration:

  • Visit the Pod: Drop by West Bridgford Library to meet our Coordinator and explore various volunteering opportunities.
  • Share your story: If you’re already a volunteer, share your experiences on social media using #VolunteersWeek. Inspire others with your journey and encourage them to get involved.


Join the Celebration

Volunteers’ Week is all about celebrating the spirit of giving and the remarkable contributions of volunteers. We invite everyone to join us in this week-long celebration and discover the joy and fulfilment that comes from helping others. Whether you’re new to volunteering or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone during this special week.

We can’t wait to see you there and celebrate the magic of volunteering together! For more information fill out our contact form or call 0115 969 9060.

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