Independent School Appeal Panel Members

Nottingham City Council is inviting applications for new panel members to join independent school appeals panels in Nottingham. If you have an interest in education and feel able to offer some time on an occasional basis, the council  would be most grateful to hear from you. By becoming a Panel Member you can get involved in deciding appeals regarding:

  • A local authority's decision to refuse parent/s request for a particular school placement/s
  • A school's decision to exclude a pupil from their school

Panels meet twice a month. If you would like to know more, please contact Cate Arculeo on 0115 8763769 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A School Appeals Panel is:

  • A legally independent tribunal whose decisions are binding on the local authority and schools
  • A mix of people with and      without personal experience in the education system

You will not be eligible to become a Panel member:

  • if you are a City Councillor or an employee of the City Council (other than as a teacher);
  • if you have any connection with the authority (past or present) which might reasonably be taken to raise doubts about your ability to act impartially in relation to the authority e.g. former Councillors, the spouse of any member or employee of the City Council or someone with a close connection with a political party.

Full training will be provided to all members before they are appointed to the Panel and afterwards to ensure that the necessary skills and knowledge are updated (as a minimum every 2 years, as required by the Admissions Code).